Yacht Charter Greece - Night Swimming, Beach Party, Sleepover on Board

Have you ever experienced Night Swimming, Beach Party under the moon by the seashore?  It is time to do it. Take advantage of your Yacht Charter and our newly built catamaran and go for it. We will depart around 8:00 o'clock in the evening from Naoussa port towards Kolimpithres or Lageri beach (depending on the weather), leaving behind us the busy village of Naoussa. It will take us not more than twenty minutes to reach our final destination.  We will anchor with safety close, very close, to the beach

Both kolimpitrhres and Lageri beaches are considered top destinations around Greece with fine clean white sand and crystalized water. They are ideal for night swimming since the rate of deepening is very smooth. Having anchored very close to the seaside we will use our tender to transport the drinks and the necessary equipment.  Our staff has accumulated the necessary components to light a fire. It's time to start enjoying night time swimming. The water is warm enough and very safe. It is time for you to sense the absolute freedom. Do not hesitate. Take advantage of the unique opportunity. Instruct your skipper the kind of music you want to listen to or bring your own one playlist with you. The sound system of your sailing boat can handle it as loud as you wish. There are no words to describe the beauty. Eating, drinking, singing under the stars. A unique summer sky you will never forget. If you are lucky you will experience the beauty of the famous summer fool moon changing colors during the night. Your skipper is dedicated to serve you and fulfill your needs all night long. You can stay awake till early in the morning were around 5:50 in the morning you will watch the sun rising behind the mountains of Naxos or you can use your cabin and sleepover with your friend. It all depends on your wishes. Full of experiences we will depart towards Naoussa. We will approach Naoussa around 7:30 in the morning. The local cafe stores have just opened and servising breakfast. A royal breakfast is the ideal end for your dream night.

Total time: 12 hours, Availability: Reservation only, Price: 2.000/trip, Capacity: up to 8 Persons, Drinks: Included, Skipper: Included, Boat: Catamaran Lagoon 400