Yacht Charter Greece - Paros to Koufonisia 3 Day Trip

Small Cyclades is the Paradise on Earth. Take advantage of your Yacht Charter and our newly built catamaran and visit the "unbelievable". We will depart early in the morning from Naoussa port and we will set sails (depending on the weather) towards the southern edge of Naxos Island, the biggest and the greenest island in Cyclades.

As we passby the coastline we will notice impressively high mountains, fertile valleys, lush green gorges, stunning seascapes and traditional villages perched high on mountain tops. It will take us 2,5 hours to approach Iraklia, a tiny island with only 115 residents located at the western edge of the Small Eastern Cyclades island group.
We will stop at Livada for swimming. A cup of coffee with a sandwich will be served after your first dives into the crystalline waters. A truly unspoiled paradise in Cyclades.

Its time to set sails to Schinoussa, an island located at the centre of the Small Eastern Cyclades island group, it is a tiny island with three villages: Hora, Mesaria and Mersini. it is time for our second time of swimming, snorkeling and water sports.

We are now late afternoon and we have to set sails to Koufonisia, a small group of two islands, Pano Koufonìsi (Upper Koufonìsi) and Kato Koufonìsi (Lower Koufonìsi), that are separated by a narrow strait and a population of 366 residents. This will be our port for the first and the second night. It will take us 45 minutes to approch the small harbour. As we approach just hold your breath. The view is amazing.

The island is well organized, no cars allowed and many fish taverns will fullfil your hunger. After 8 hours in the sun and the sea you will be hungry for sure. Next day we will wake up as late as we want to. Our destination for swimming, fishing, water playing is just 10 minutes away, its called Pori. One of the most magnificent sandy beach in Greece. We will spend all day there. If we are lucky we will eat fresh fish. Your skipper is an experienced fisherman.

Back to our port for the second night. Your skipper will take you to the carnagio, the windmills and the churches of Agios Georgios, Agios Nikolaos, Profitis Ilias and the Folk Museum, (the exhibits have been provided by the inhabitants – they tell their story and memories domestic utensils, big and small, the tools of the farmer’s labour, the fisherman’s, the ship’s carpenter’s, old picture frames, all reminding us of times gone by). Traditional points of interest you should not miss.On our third day of our small cruise we will wake up early in the morning.

After having our breakfast we will depart to Kato Koufonisi. We will have an early swimming at the South part of the small island a truly unspoiled paradise. Around noon we depart to Naxos, you will to take the helm and haul the sails. (*Under supervision of the Skipper). It will take us 2,5 hours to reach Naxo's harbour.
History is present in evey corner. From Classical era and Greco-Persian wars to Byzantine era. Pirates, Venetians, Turks have influenced the architecture of the island. Your skipper will take you to the museum where many archaelogical findings from excavations all over Cyclades are exhibited. Next stop at the Sanudo Tower (in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade, with a Latin Emperor under the influence of the Venetians established at Constantinople, the Venetian Marco Sanudo conquered the island and soon captured the rest of the islands of the Cyclades).

After a quick snack we will set sails to our home port. It will take us 45 minutes to reach Naousa. We hope that you enjoyed your small trip to one of the most beautiful corners of the Greel islands