Yacht Charter Greece - Paros to Naxos 1 Day Trip

Explore the amazing beaches and archaeological sites of Naxos. You can use your Yacht Charter with us for a one day visit to Naxos Island. We will depart with our newly built Catamaran early in the morning from our home port in Naoussa and we will set sails towards Naxos. If you want you can try your navigation and sailing skills under the supervision of your skipper.

Our cruising speed of 8 Knts will take us to Naxow within 1,5 hourr.
Naxos is quite a big island, offering wonderful landscapes gorgious beaches, which are on the south-western coast, starting with Agio Prokopio, to Agia Anna, Plaka, Mikri Vigla ad Aliko. We will approach Agio Prokopio for our swimming and snorkeling experience.

We will dive over tirquaz crystaline and little chily waters. Local mezedes and wine will be served by your crew If you are interested in sight seeing we will depart towards Naxos harbor. It will take us 30 minutes to anchor and we are there.

The Chora of Naxos. Many restaurants on the seafront offer excellent Greek or Italian cuisine, pizza or ouzerie style places, enyoing the amazing view of the sailing boats and the Portara, the symbol of the island. With the help of your skipper you can choose from a peaceful ride on a horse to a visit of ancient sites, the most visible of course being the Portara, on the islet of Palatia, which is just outside the harbour. The huge frame is all that remains of a temple that was dedicated to Apollo. Built in the 6th Century BC, this magnificent landmark was built with marble. There is a walkway to the Portara.
The climb up to the Portara is slightly challenging, but well worth the view once one gets there. If you wish your skipper will walk you to the small museum of Naxos.
The museum houses works of art and objects of every day use dating from the Late Neolithic period to Early Christian times (5300 BC - 5th c. AD).

We are running late and we have to depart towards our home port in Naoussa. It will take us 45 minutes sailing heading west. As the sun sets behind the mountains of Paros the view and the colours are maginficent. A truly unforgetable one day cruise ends.