Yacht Charter Greece - Honeymoon Skipperd Trip

Experience a once in a lifetime sailing experience to remember. You will be sailing throughout the magical Greek islands in Cyclades seeking your paradise. Booking our luxury honeymoon Yacht Charter packages we ensure the most romantic journey. 

Upon arrival to Paros via airplane or ship we organize your transfer to your boat.

A welcome surprise for you and your mate will start your perfect honeymoon of endless sun, sea and sand.

The Cyclades island complex is a very popular yachting destination with Santorini and Myconos being the most popular ones.

Your private skipper will hoist the sails and sail you safely from Naousa's port in Paros to Ios, Santorini, Koufonisia, Iraklia, Schinousa and Naxos. You and your skipper will set the basic itinerary to follow according to the weather conditions and time availability.

You will experience the hidden jewels of the Central Aegean Archipelago in idyllic and safe waters, the famous sunset in Santorini, a fabulous wine in Naxos and fresh fish in Koufonisia.

Every destination you’re carried to on our honeymoon sailing cruise will inspire with new sights, sounds and sensations.

You may want to participate in sailing too. Your skipper will be very happy to teach you how to.

Here is our suggested itinerary for you for relaxed, romantic and above all unforgetable honeymoon